Lang & Tarsai Kft.


Lang & Tarsai Kft. is one of the top reselling company in the manufacturing industry in Hungary. They sell leading manufactures like Prima Power and CoastOne laser and sheet metal machinery products.


For this project the focus was on to design and develop a landing page for one of their new top product. The website goal is to lead quote requests from potential clients. While they also wanted a clear understanding of the company and create a small blog on the site.


The biggest challenge about this project was to represent the 2 brands and the one product is core values. As they all had very different core design values. We believe, we have achieved a great result by creating different sections for the sites. On the home page the header and footer we represent Lang & Tarsai and in the content we introduce CoastOne and their top product. Whilst on the other pages it is all about Lang & Tarsai. We focused on a easy navigation and by putting a ‘Get a Quote’ button to the header we definitely think it will drive more results.
Color Palette





David Holczer

Sales Consultant for Lang & Tarsai Kft.

Working with Lookify was a very smooth experience. It took 10 days from the day we contacted them until they actually set the website live on our servers. The result was better than we expected and they were happy to change any content even after they submitted the website. We also received a video introducing how we can add a new blog post or change the content. Thanks for the work again Ben and Gilianni.