What is Responsive web design?

Within web design and development, we are fast approaching the point of being unable to keep up with endless new resolutions and devices. This problem may affect you more than you think as your website must either be compatible with all these different types of devices to accommodate for all your website visitors or should you just accept that you cannot create a website version for each resolution and new device and suffer from losing visitors from one certain device after all it is highly impractical to create a website for each device. Or is there another option?

What is Responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a method of designing websites that involves the designer using a mix of flexible grids, layouts, and images all on top of intelligent use of CSS media queries. As a user switches from their computer to their tablet or phone the website will instinctively switch to accommodate for resolution, size, and scripting abilities of the browser. The product is a website that looks great on any device it is viewed on, no pinching or horizontal scrolling required!

Why you need a responsive website?

As mentioned above if you want to reach the most amount of visitors and keep them it is highly recommended to get a responsive site, furthermore, if your website is not mobile-friendly it will not be easy to view for 84% of UK adults who own a smartphone.

This is a reason why Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than non-mobile-friendly websites.

Advantages of Responsive Web design to having a Mobile Website.

  1. There is no need for redirects which can be frustrating and time consuming for your visitors
  2. Lower costs and less maintenance, running two versions of the website will take more time to set up and will take up more of your precious time to setup.
  3. Having a mobile site that is not responsive will make it harder for devices with a higher resolution which can result in jumbled text, confusing navigation, and glitches.
  4. Easier to monitor analytics as all the information is on one website.

How could a Responsive website from Lookify benefit your business?

At Lookify we design and implement websites that are professionally designed, affordably priced, and fully responsive!

We will make sure that your website is just as eye-catching, easy to navigate, and seamless on the laptop as it is on tablets and phones. 

Why not get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you reach your customers on all devices

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